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This supposed feature of OSX has annoyed me ever since Spotlight was introduced!
The problem: FIND became dysfucntional.
For example: I want to find a drone shot I labelled as “TREE 360”
I hit cmd F, type “TREE 360” and OSX is USELESS!
It finds every occurrence of any of the words in anything eg inside emails, PDFs etc..
I have hated this feature and actually installed NeoFinder to try & solve this.
NeoFinder scans your HD and creates a database of filenames.
Handily it works with offline HDs too, so perfect for searching offline archive drives.

But today I learned how to fix OSX FIND permanently!
This article explains how

Change the Finder search default to Find by Name (search by file name) rather than Find by Content

Here’s a step by step:
#1: Open System Preferences
#2: Click on “Keyboard”
#3: Click on “Keyboard Shortcuts”
#4: Click on “Application Shortcuts” (on my system this was the last item located on the left-hand side window)
#5: Click the little “+” right below the right-hand side window
#6: Click on the “Application” menu and choose “”
#7: Click into the field “Menu Title:” and type “Find by Name…
(Type it exactly like that including the three dots. Don’t type the quotes BTW.)
#8: Click into the field “Keyboard Shortcut:” and press the command-key and F at the same time.
It should look like this ⌘F
#9: Close System Preferences

That’s it. Basically what you are doing is remapping the command-F key (⌘F) to “Find By Name”.