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Sound Design Challenge 02

Five Pressure Sounds – Spectrum of the Sanken CUX100K output 24bit 192k

With an interesting new UNIT FX Library just released UFX032 PRESSURE STOP RELEASE we figured it would be fun material to experiment with. Based on restricting flow with negative/vacuum pressure and positive pressure from an air compressor, the sounds have a very fast, sharp attack and as the spectrums show contain a lot of high frequencies, right up to 96kHz.

If you would like a free copy of the new UFX032 PRESSURE STOP RELEASE library, then I have a challenge for you. I’ve chosen five sounds from the new library, and your challenge is to make something interesting with them. I am not going to dictate what you should make, I’d like to be surprised by your creativity… Surprise me! The only rule is that no other source material can be used. Only the five sounds in the provided 24bit 192k WAV files.

Direct download link: expired
56MB as a 3 x 24bit 192kHz WAV files

To be crystal clear: each file contains the 5 sounds as per the FFT.
And I have provided all three sets of mics, hence the three files.
Do whatever you like to the sounds. Process with plugins, apps, outboard, anything!
I’m doing the challenge too, so far been playing in Metasynth
its a good opportunity to try out some ideas!

Submissions: send an email with a link to your work to:

Please do not send attachments! Upload to youtube or soundcloud or somewhere, private or not – thats your choice. I am not doing this to make you spam social media- it is solely to encourage interesting work! And to provide the opportunity to experience working with 192k audio from the Sanken CUX100K mics.

An anecdote about this sound:
As I’ve mentioned many times before I grew up on a farm, and my Dad had a workshop for doing any repairs to farm equipment. One of the sheds had an electric air compressor mainly used for inflating tyres, but there was a sonic phenomena associate with it that I have never forgotten. Whenever he finished using the air compressor and turned it off, it would make a very loud pop sound, much like what I have captured for this UFX library. And every single time that occurred, the sheep dogs outside in their kennels would all instantly bark in reaction.

Many decades later I am working on the film World’s Fastest Indian (IMDB + Trailer) which is about local legend Burt Munro who tinkered with his Indian V Twin motorbike until he eventually managed to set a land speed record in 1967, as a 68-year-old: a new official land speed record – 184.087 mph with unofficial top speed of 205.67 mph.

In the film the first Act is about his early years experimenting. At one point Burt goes into his workshop, and uses a compressor. So what do I do? I get some appropriately reactive dog barks and add them, as though his neighbours dogs react the same way my Dads dogs did.

You might wonder, who cares? But think about it. Not only am I adding something authentic & truthful from my own personal history to the sound design of the film, I am also reinforcing that the film exists in a real world, with real neighbours, who probably complain every time Burt sets their dogs barking. Small details like this contribute psychological elements without anyone really noticing consciously. This is also why as a sound designer it is so important to be observant of your environment. Wearing headphones listening to a podcast or music is fair enough at times, but it should not be your default.
You must listen to the world, observe it and remember it.



Five Pressure Sounds – Spectrum of the Sennheiser MKH8040 output 24bit 192k