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Current Field Recording Setup

Kahurangi National Park, Karamea – at the end of the road, by Box Canyon Cave

As people often ask what mic stands etc I’m using I thought I would document my current field recording setup. I came across the photo above & while its from before the pandemic, it shows all of my mics & stands etc..

For a long time now I have been using the Manfrotto Nano stands – in the photo above, the big Sennheiser MKH70 mics are on Manfrotto 5001b stands which have longer legs making them more stable.

The MKH8050, MKH8040x2 and MKH8020x2 are all on Manfrotto 156 stands which have a smaller footprint & work fine other than in strong wind…

For the Sanken CUX100K mics (not in the photo) I bought a pair of the new Nano MS049c carbon fibre stands which have as much reach and stability as the big 5001 stands, but being carbon fibre are lighter… & inevitably, a bit more expensive…

My Sound Devices MixPre10-II recorder lives in a Petrol PS602 bag which it seems are no longer made. I’ve had this bag for ages, as I used to fit a SD744T + SD722 + 302 preamp in it. And while the MixPre10 is small enough it could fit in a much smaller bag, I also need to safely store batteries (I use 2 x NP75) and headphones, sometimes contact mics + preamp or hydrophones, and I also have eight mic cables permanently connected, routed, ID’d and safely coiled & attached to the bag with velcro cable ties, such that I can hike with it all securely.

To carry the mics & stands I use a Peak Design 65Litre Travel Duffelpack – thanks to Hide Aoki at AntiNode Design for the tip on this. The Peak bag has zips which makes it expandable, and also has both backpack straps & a normal duffel bag carry handles. It can fit all my mics, stands & camera tripod, so I can hike from car to location in one trip:

Totaranui Beach, Takaka

Both bags have rain covers, so if I get caught out I’ll get wet but the gear will be fine!

Sanken CUX100K Mounts

A few people have emailed me, asking what mounts & wind protection I am using with the Sanken CUX100K mics. I had the same quandry, especially as Rycote do not make a mount clip for a microphone body with as big a diameter as the CUX mics… So the local Rycote agents loaned me a Rycote Nano to try out, and this is what I found:

Using the largest Lyre Mount/mic clip that comes with the Nano, the lower mount is fine as it fits the narrower section that is threaded for mounting in Sankens own studio mic holder. But the upper part holds, although I wouldn’t want to move the microphone around too much as there could be contact noise as the upper clip is almost in a Z shape…

So thats the solution I went with, a pair of Rycote Nano windsheilds & mounts using the largest clips that come with them.

Rycote Lyre Mount is suitable for microphones from 19-25mm in diameter.
Sanken CUX100K main body diameter = 30mm

Durie Hill recording

Durie Hill Tunnel IR

Recording balloon pops at Durie Tunnel, Whanganui – see earlier post
Excuse the wobbly cam – I had my little Sony a6300 hanging around my neck…
I’ll revisit this location and another much larger complex of tunnels to record sweeps for an eventual HISSandaROAR IR Library release…