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Exploring the Science of Sound with Invented Musical Instruments

BART HOPKIN - "Exploring the Science of Sound with Invented Musical Instruments"

BART HOPKIN – Exploring the Science of Sound with Invented Musical Instruments



DIY LOM Priezor

As you may know, LOMs products often sell out in minutes. I had been waiting, patiently hoping that LOM would do another run of their Priezor EMF Sensor for years, and had all but given up when a FB comment (thanks Shaun!) mentioned that LOM products were open source, with full build docs available on Github!
I had a look at the instructions and realised I could easily build a Priezor, step 1 was ordering the parts: some copper wire and small bolts, spacers & nuts. Step 2 required laser cutting acrylic for the frame, which I had done previously with when I had them laser cut Daxophone tongues from wood and plastic.
But one minor issue I ran into was that the dxf file for the parts had been created with all parts stacked in layers. Ponoko require a single layer with no overlaps so I reorganised the dxf file and ordered enough parts for two Priezor sensors. But I also thought it is silly if every person who wants to make a DIY Priezor has to rearrange the dxf file, so I contacted Jonas at LOM and gently requested he provide an updated dxf, with all parts laid out flat with no overlaps.
Last Friday he updated the LOM Github with a new A3 size dxf file, which makes ordering laser cut parts simple!

See priezor_a3.dxf at:
Github LOM Priezor

So I ordered the parts and this arrived:

Next to wind the coils…