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Archives for January 2022

The plural of vinyl is vinyl

Came across this photo yesterday, it is from my when I was moving out of my old studio in Ropa Lane, Miramar. It was a great space – a massive industrial warehouse… Two studios ago now!

One and a half rows of that vinyl is classic library music, it was destined for a landfill but was thankfully diverted to me (thanks Mike!) There is a great book on the history of library music HERE – it is worth tracking down a copy!


This post exists solely to provide a means of asking questions, ASK ME ANYTHING!

I am thinking primarily about EDU aspects, but if you want to ask a question about a sound library or how or why I do what I do, please feel free! Either via a comment on this post. Or if you prefer to ask privately, please use the EDU Contact Form below, or email me via EDU at HISS and a ROAR dot com

I will reply directly to you as soon as I am able, and if your question warrants a longer answer which would be useful to others then I will make a seperate blog post in response.

EDU003 Career Advice Part 1

Field recording – Canterbury Coastline – 29th November 2006

About once a month I get an email asking for career advice and as time allows I write the best, most honest reply I can…. But having done that now for the tenth time I decided to write a post on the subject, so that in future I can save some time by first referring people here. But please bear in mind these are all my opinions, question them & find your own conclusions.

Firstly, there is no easy answer, but there are a lot of questions and the first question is this:
Do you want a job or are we talking about a VOCATION?

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