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Archives for October 2021

Impossible Things

Today I was thrilled to receive a matched pair of Sanken CUX-100k microphones!

The last major microphone purchase I made was coming up on a decade ago. December 2011 I ordered a pair of Sennheiser MKH8040 mics, followed soon after by an MKH8050 and a pair of MKH8020. Amazing to think of the impact these Sennheiser microphones have had on my work. They have travelled all over New Zealand, Japan, Samoa, PNG etc…And the incredibly low self noise has enabled so many unique sounds to be recorded, many of which would have struggled to exist with the noise floor of many microphones.


Very pleased to have FX012 PLATE SMASH finished & released! The library was a request from a game sound designer, for a new project (so they received a free copy of the finished library!) Having spent so much time earlier this year smashing glass I instantly liked the idea and headed to my favourite local recyclers TRASH PALACE to see if they would let me buy a stack of plates… I filled two record crates with plates (as per the two you see at the start of the video) and rigged my studio for recording, gain staged my microphones, and began experimenting with methods of smashing the plates.