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Forecasting your field recording

While the weather doesn’t matter so much if you work indoors, spending time outdoors is essential for mental & physical health and if you work hard then your free time is invaluable and not to be wasted. So whether you are just planning to go for a hike at the weekend, or as a field recordist or photographer you totally depend on environmental conditions I thought i’d collect together all the websites & apps I use to plan my missions…

There is an old saying: ‘there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes’ which is fine if you’re just a tourist but for people such as fishermen and farmers, their lives & safety depend on checking and interpreting the weather forecast. For they must plan far more than just whether to take a brolly to work with them the next day. Having access to reliable weather data & forecasts is only half the equation – local knowledge is equally crucial to understand how the weather will actually affect your planned locations.