Got some zombies to kill? Aliens to autopsy? Vampires to disembowell?

Vegetable Violence is an organic sound effects library for creating your own orchestrated sonic mayhem. Vegetable rips, tears, squelches, hits, punches, stabs all recorded & mastered at 96kHz for stomach churning realism, this component library of gore sound effects is available for immediate download.


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24bit 96kHz • 2500 sounds in 46 .WAV files • 1.05GB download

Please note: this is for a single user license. If you need a site license for multiple users for your facility please request a site license quote HERE


Vegetable Violence from tim prebble on Vimeo.



Note: wrapped = additional performances with dry vegetables while wrapped in cloth, providing the option of added realism for situations involving internal organ and bone manipulation.


All libraries are provided as a collection of stereo .WAV files, carefully labelled & tagged with Metadata compatible with the ProTools workspace, SoundMiner, Basehead, Snapper and AudioFinder sound library software.


The weapons of mass vegetable destruction:

weapons all


And some of the victims:

veges all


No animals were harmed in the creation of this library, although I did cut myself a few times by accident, had really sore arms & my studio smelt like a bad salad for weeks afterwards….


celery twist


Our sound libraries are licensed, not sold to you, and while the sounds are royalty free, neither the license nor the sounds may be resold, shared or redistributed.
For the full legal end user license please see HERE


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