HISS and a ROAR release royalty-free sound effects & sound design libraries created by award winning film sound designer Tim Prebble and while there is nothing new about the idea of selling sound effects online, these libraries take a different philosophical approach by providing comprehensive thematic collections of high resolution source material, with the sole purpose of helping sound designers achieve their most creative work by access to diverse & highly malleable sounds.



“As I see & hear it, there are two important issues with regards to sound libraries. The first is variety, when I record a sound (eg a door creak) I don’t record a couple of versions of it – I aim to record a definitive collection of performances. Later back in the studio, as a sound editor I audition the various performances and select and manipulate the takes that I feel best suit the intended use. I need that variety of performances because until I am editing it in context it is impossible to know exactly what will work the best – it’s about feel and instinct. But its also about finding the best sound.


The second issue is about memory. By finding and recording that sound myself, I will never forget what it looked like, felt like and the acoustic space it existed in. I embed this information in the metadata of the sound files, but the most crucial aspect of this is knowing your library. and the sounds being interesting enough to be memorable.


I aim to confront these issues:


1. The libraries are not over-designed generic composites: I aim to provide a huge range of the source material to help you do your best work by editing, manipulating & layering individual elements to achieve a unique solution.


2. The libraries are context based. They are not a random collection of sounds, they are specifically targeted at particular circumstances that I have had experience with on many features films.”


All libraries are provided as a collection of .WAV files, carefully labelled and tagged with Metadata, compatible with the ProTools workspace, SoundMiner, Basehead, Snapper, AudioFinder and many other sound library apps.


Downloads use lossless compression via .RAR format – Mac OSX users can use Unrarx while Windows users can use Winrar. Note: the larger libraries are split into seperate segments, each is a seperate archive so please decompress each one once download is complete.


I very much appreciate feedback so as you use the library please let me know any problems and/or ideas you might have to improve it.


Tim Prebble
tel: +6421 162 8096
email [email protected]

HISS and a ROAR is a wholy owned subsidiary of
P.O.Box 6829, Marion Square, Wellington 6141, New Zealand